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International Vanderhall Dealer Requirements

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Location Requirements

Vanderhall Motor Works is seeking Dealer partners to create and deliver a unique and rewarding Vanderhall experience to customers all over the World .A prospective reseller will provide a showroom area of 1200 to 1500 square feet. Stocking the full range of Vanderhall models to become a Tier 1 Dealer . For a tier 2 Dealership 650 to 1,000 square feet can be accommodated. A successful Dealer application will be able to demonstrate a showroom environment, strongly showcasing the Vanderhall Brand , delivering our trade mark Boutique experience . Dealer staff will include a Trained Vanderhall brand Ambassador who is knowledgeable engaged and committed to further enhance the  Vanderhall customer experience.

Johnny Cecotto (left) – Vanderhall of Monaco // Phil Dunmore (right) Vanderhall International Director of Sales
We recognize every Dealer application is unique , the above criteria should only be considered a guide ,passionate Two , three and four wheel vehicle enthusiasts are all able to embrace the unique Vanderhall ,Driving experience – for this we encourage you to submit your proposal , so that we can include you on this exciting journey,
in your preferred area.

Phil Dunmore

Vanderhall International Director of Sales

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