To be released in 2022

Vanderhall is not just a three-wheel vehicle company. With the production of the Navarro, Vanderhall will revolutionize and create a new category of adventure vehicle. Return here or subscribe below for updates.

Four Seats – Four Wheels – For Fun

Navarro by the Numbers


  • TORQUE 670+ NM

  • 200+ MILES ON 1 CHARGE (est.)

Standard Features

  • 35″ Tires
  • 18″ Wheels
  • Heated Seats
  • ViDAR System
  • Climate Control
  • Black V-Tex Interior
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
  • Bluetooth Enabled Sound System
  • Four Individually Controlled Electric Motors
  • Carbon Fiber Brakes with Proprietary ABS Braking System

The top-of-the-line model variant of the Navarro will have 35-inch tires and more than 20 inches of suspension travel enabling class-leading off-road performance. Four inboard electric motors producing more than 300 horsepower and more than 500 lb-ft of torque are reigned in via regenerative braking, and inboard wet carbon fiber brakes with electronic ABS. Individually controlled motors and four-wheel steering combine to offer unparalleled maneuverability options.

The Navarro will feature seating for four adults, a fully enclosed heated and air-conditioned cabin with a removable roof section.Other features or options include windshield wipers, Bluetooth Kicker sound system, heated seats and ViDAR system.


  • 4 electric motors provide precise control of each wheel
  • 300 volt architecture is more efficient than 48V or 96V powertrains
  • Motor, inverter, geartrain, brakes, and cooling system are housed in a single unit
  • Use of advanced lubricants and materials means zero maintenance for up to 10 years


  • Up to 60 KW-hr of energy storage
  • Advanced battery conditioning system extends cold weather range and increases battery lifecycle
  • Available DC fast charging can charge up to 80% capacity in under an hour
  • Class-leading energy density from the use of cutting-edge NMC pouch cells

With an estimated range of up to 200, DC fast charging, and an onboard 6-kilowatt charger, and regenerative braking, the Navarro provides a gambit of convenient charging methods. In short, the Navarro provides exceptional recreational motoring, modular customization, with an extremely powerful yet environmentally quiet and clean battery-electric powerplant.

Be amazed by Navarro and its extraordinary recreational experience!

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